WWE 2K17 Game

Review: WWE 2K17 Game is the first return fights mixed rules since the famous game 2008’s SmackDown vs. Raw, which was a similar story. New game takes you into the world of wrestling, you can feel yourself on the ins and outs of professional wrestling in the ring. Interesting is the fact that the usual battle could escalate into a fistfight in the crowd of spectators, and you should not lose your character and continue to fight. The level of this game are considerably higher than those of its predecessors, such as WWE SmackDown! Here Comes the Pain “.

WWE 2K17: gameplay:

The gameplay greatly improved developers for each gaming system. You have to choose one of the existing characters, and continue to participate with him in various battles. Your character with each success, will become stronger, and you will learn to manage and learn all the pluses and minuses of the selected character. During the match, you’ll need to apply the different skills, painful holds. You will be able to throw his opponent, as well as apply it grips. Your main weapon will be his fists, legs, as well as anything that comes handy. It can be both chairs and tables, sledgehammers, garbage cans, etc. If you don’t keep your character and let his injury, then you will see how his wounds will bleed.

More From WWE 2K17 Game:

Also in WWE 2K17 you have very wide setting: you can choose the appearance of your character, his view of the stage, gestures, adjust the show with your participation, add objects to the stage, a list of techniques that will be used, etc.

The game will also be available to repeat the spectacular scenes.
In a world that created Visual Concepts and Yuke’s, excellent graphics and good sound. All the characters look natural: Sami characters dressed in costumes corresponding to reality, often you can use obscene gestures, hear or speak vulgar words. Locations also developed and not limited to only one ring. Place the battle can become and the Hall with the audience, and the corridor, and even the Cabinet of your boss. You will always be accompanied by the applause and cheering crowds.

WWE 2K17 Game

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