Wizardry 8 Game

Review: Wizardry 8 Game is a computer role-playing game created by Sir-Tech in 2001.  It was the conclusion of Wizardry cycle produced by from the beginning of the 1980s.  The game has a rather low for projects of this period the system requirements and a substantial margin of replay value provided the number of playable races character classes as well as a large open-world game.

Wizardry 8 Game Overview:

Goes nowhere gray-haired Sir-Tech has decided to say goodbye to us a king putting an immortal soul to kilometers of virtual landscapes Dominus hundreds of weapons potions and armor megabytes flawless sound thousands of lines of text and twenty-three divine melodies Kevin Manteo (of  of that has given the world Majesty soundtrack). 1

Plot Wizardry 8 Game:

Ancient deity created the universe with the help of the Cosmic Forge and then disappeared leaving behind three artifacts – Domayn Astral (Astral Dominae) Molari Chaos (Chaos Moliri) and Destin Dominus (Destinae Dominus).  The first ended up in the hands of a powerful warlord known as Warlock (Dark Savant).  The second race muukov discovered during research in the distant asteroid belt.  The third is a long time kept in the monastery on the planet Dominus until it was stolen by some Martin a rebel and outlaw.  When the detection of Chaos Molari has become well-known fact many remembered the ancient legend of the ascent – the construction of the mortal status of the Gods – and flocked to the Dominus where according to the prophecy and must be served Climbing.  All participants missing one element – Destin Dominus stolen artifact to the lost Dominus.

Wizardry 8 Game

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