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Review: Westward Kingdoms Game The written history of Afghanistan dating from around 500 when the area was under the control of the Achaemenid Empire 1 although evidence suggests that the level of developed urbanized culture existed between 3000 and 2000 p.  n.  e. 2 3 4  Indus Valley Civilization was spread over large parts of Afghanistan to the north where it is known several localities. 5  Alexander the Great and his army arrived in what is now Afghanistan in 330 p.  n.  e.  after defeating Persia at the Battle of Gaugamela. 6  Since then many empires was establishing its capital in Afghanistan including the Greco-Bactrian kingdom the Maurya Empire Kushan kingdom Safaridi Samanids Gaznavidi Guridi Timurid Mugali hotaka and Durani. 7

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Afghanistan was strategically important locations throughout history. 8  The country has served as a gateway to the Indian subcontinent is the focal point of the ancient Silk Road carrying goods from the Mediterranean Sea to China. 9  Being on the road a number of trade and migration routes Afghanistan can be called “circular flow of Central Asia”. 10

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Indo-Aryan peoples have come to Afghanistan from the north after the 20th century p.  n.  e. 11  and they left their languages ??have survived in the form of Pashtun and darijskog.  Invasion of Arabs influenced the culture of Afghanistan given that Zoroastrianism Hellenism Hinduism and Buddhism have long since disappeared or have begun to decline as was the case with Buddhism.  Turkic kingdoms such as Gaznavidi Guridi and Timurid are made from the region we now call Afghanistan a very important place.
Mir Vais Hotak followed by Ahmed Shah Durrani united the Afghan tribes and founded the last Afghan empire in the early 18th century BC. 12 13 14 15 16  The sovereignty of Afghanistan held during the Anglo-Afghan wars in 1980 the Soviet War and the war in Afghanistan from 2001 g  the number and diversity of people Pashtuns Tajiks Hazaras Uzbeks Turkmens Ajmaci and others.  Pashtuns form the largest group.

Westward Kingdoms Game

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