Runaway 3 A Twist Of Fate Game

Review: Runaway 3 A Twist Of Fate Game adventure video game developed by �Pendulo Studios� Spanish company and released �Focus Home Interactive�.  The publisher in Russia is company “New Disc”.  The game was released November 26 2009 the Russian local version – July 22 2010

Plot Runaway 3 A Twist Of Fate Game:

The hero of the previous version is dead.  Six months ago he was arrested and brought to trial for the murder of Colonel Kordsmayra on the island of Mala (Hawaii).  However the trial was suspended when there were serious doubts about his mental health because he could not remember anything about the incident.  Shortly thereafter the hero is killed while trying to escape from the psychiatric hospital where he has been locked up (as stated in the official reports).  But Gina the girl protagonist of the game there is reason to believe that the truth is quite different and it will not rest until he proves it.

Runaway 3 A Twist Of Fate Game Overview:

In the third part of the game reveals the answers to questions about the plot of the previous parts of the game Runaway.  It is also the first game where Gina plays a major role.  At this time it is just as important as Brian and the player gets the opportunity to play for her.
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Russian-language publications
Evaluation Edition
Absolute Games 86/100 2
Gambling 8/10 1

The game took third place in the “Network of the Year” (2009) of the magazine “Gambling” 3 and has received from him 8 out of 10 points. 1

Runaway 3 A Twist Of Fate Game

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