Ravenfield Game

Review: Ravenfield Game A free first-person shooter developed by SteelRaven7.  Is in the beta stage and often gets updates.  In the game you can use vehicles like Helicopter Tank Car Quad bike so that for flattery in transport it is necessary to press F.
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Ravenfield Game Overview:

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Ravenfield is a first person shooter game created by SteelRaven7 (Johan Hassel). The game is based on shooters like Battlefield 2 and Star Wars Battlefront 2. The finished product is supposed to be a base game which players can use to add their own maps guns and vehicles using the unity editor. Modding will be made very easy and accessible which is one of the primary goals of the game and will be available for download on the Steam workshop.
Ravenfield Game is like a sandbox Battlefield game but it doesn’t take itself too seriously like most military shooters. Between the unlimited amount of bots you can spawn and the silly ragdoll physics any FPS player or even casual player can have a lot of fun with this. Ravenfield is surprisingly very enjoyable dispite being in the early stages of development. Although the graphics are nothing to brag about the game is still amusing and wacky!
Ravenfield Game

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