Raptor Call Of The Shadows Game

Review: Raptor Call of the Shadows is a computer game in the genre of vertical scroll shooter developed by Cygnus Studios (now renamed Mountain King Studios) and released by Apogee Software in 1994 exclusively for IBM PC and operating system  MS-DOS.  In 1999 the game was re-released by Mountain King Studios as a version for the Windows operating system.  This version is not distributed to Apogee Software.

Raptor Call Of The Shadows Game Overview:

There are shareware versions of the game for both versions including the first episode.  The full version remains available for purchase in electronic form on the developer and publisher sites but the “boxed” version of the game is no longer available.

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The game consists of three sectors (episodes) – Bravo Sector Tango Sector and Outer Regions.  Each of them includes nine missions (“waves”) thus all in a game of 27 levels.  A player can start the game from any episode but passing them in order simplifies the game since the episodes have increasing complexity.  After the passage of the sector the player can begin his repeated passage with the preservation of all the collected money and weapons and with increasing complexity.  Thus the game in fact is infinite.

The action of the first sector occurs in a terrain resembling the Middle East.  The background consists of prairies with rare forests and rivers as well as facilities associated with the extraction and processing of oil.  In the last level of the sector the player must destroy the oil rig Lithos Petroleum one of the competitors of MegaCorps.

The second sector includes levels that take place in different places.  They include a large chemical factory an agriculture a jungle a city and an airbase.  In the last level of the sector the player destroys the ancient palace and fights with a giant airplane.  Divided into three parts.

Levels of the last sector are located on different planets and include the surface of the Moon a red planet similar to Mars ice and volcanic worlds.  In the last level of the sector and game the action takes place at the space station.
Opponents at the levels are represented in the form of air and ground equipment.  Also there are destroyed buildings.  At the end of each level and in the middle of the late levels there is a battle with the boss.  When you destroy goals the player receives money.  After each level a store is available where the player can spend money to purchase weapons and other improvements for his fighter.

Raptor Call Of The Shadows Game

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