Requiem Avenging Angel Game

Review: Requiem Avenging Angel is a video game type FPS.  It was released on March 31 1999 on Windows.  The game was developed by Cyclone Studios and was edited by Ubisoft.
The game begins in the Underworld.  Here the player must resort to his angelic powers to defend himself.  These angelic powers are an innovative feature of the game and add an extra dimension to the gameplay.  It is also one of the first games to have a bullet time feature which slows down time to allow the player to dodge the balls and highlighting then advanced animation system of the game.

Requiem Avenging Angel Game Overview:

The armament present in the game reflects that of other FPS of the same style with a lot of “stock” weapons that can be found in other games;  From the humble pistol to the rocket launcher and ultimately the Railgun one of the player’s powers is the ability to possess an enemy and have complete control over it.  This allows access to various weapons that could not be used by the player’s character.  Requiem was the first FPS that used a bullet time effect in which the player can slow down the time down for a brief period that makes it easier to avoid bullets and kill multiple enemies.

More From Requiem Avenging Angel Game:

The majority of the game is set in mid-21st century of the Earth so most of the places visited in the game are stylized versions of everyday places including a bar hospital and powerhouse between  other.
Requiem Avenging Angel Game

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