Project IGI 3 The Plan Game

Review: Project IGI 3 The Plan Game is The player controls the actions of the former SAS soldier David Jones now working in the operation code word I.G.I (I’m Going In – �I go”).  It’s instructions from the Centre helps Anya – a specialist in the field of computer systems and nuclear physics.

Project IGI 3 The Plan Game Overview:

At the beginning of the game Jones’ throw to the enemy’s rear to the territory of Russia where he gets on a military facility owned by no one Joseph arrived possibly involved in the abduction of a nuclear bomb.  After the explosion of air defense systems Jones gets on the airfield where allegedly in captivity is Joseph.  However it managed to evacuate and Jones has to escape by hijacking a fighter.

More From Project IGI 3 The Plan Game:

Due to the information received by Jones locate Joseph Surf.  Jones is involved in the operation to free him maintaining sniper fire friendly troops.  Joseph says that was captured by his uncle Jacob Surf arms dealer is also involved in the kidnapping of a bomb.  Jones penetrates radar base and introduces a computer virus into the system.  It thus obtains information on the whereabouts of Surf.

Jones along with friendly troops Surf captures and transports it to the helicopter but during the flight across the border of their fighters shot down on the orders of Eck a former employee of the KGB.  It takes away from the spot Surf helicopter drop and Jones manages to escape.  Jones is chosen from the enemy territory and the second captures Surf which were escorting the train.  By train applied airstrike but Jones and profit have time to escape and they evacuated the friendly troops.

Surf reports information about Eck and Jones gets on her secret base but she manages to get away with a bomb.  Then she grabs the NPP which previously housed a factory for processing plutonium from Cold War.  Jones is involved in the operation to storm the station.  He is joined by Anna which is to defuse the bomb.  They penetrate into the underground complex where Jones kills Eck and Anya neutralize the bomb.

Project Igi 3 The Plan Game

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