Project Zomboid Game

Review:Project Zomboid Game is a computer game at the junction of genres survival horror and computer role-playing game dedicated to survival during the zombie apocalypse.  The game is developed by the independent studio The Indie Stone.  The game is performed in two-dimensional isometric graphics.  As the main features of the future game developers call the open changing world the developed system of making useful things the need to cooperate with other characters to fight hunger trauma depression and paranoia.

Project Zomboid Game Overview:

The game takes place in Knox County Kentucky USA.  After the epidemic a large part of the county’s population contracted an unknown virus and became a zombie.  A little survivor in the early days of the epidemic will have to fight for survival in the hard conditions of the zombie apocalypse.  For one of the survivors playing the player himself.  The game does not have any definite ending it can not be won and it will end when the player’s character dies.  How late this happens depends on the player.

Project Zomboid Game

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