Primordia Game

Review: Primordia Game is an adventure point-and-click game developed Wormwood Studios and published by Wadjet Eye Games.  The game was published December 5 2012.  Since the release of the game has been translated from English soccer fans the communities into many other languages including Russian French Portuguese and Polish.

Story Primordia Game:

The action takes place in a post-apocalyptic setting.  The game tells the story of a robot Horatio (Horatio Nullbuilt) and his droid companion Crispin (Crispin Horatiobuilt).  In a huge desert (the Dunes) they find UNIIC – an abandoned airship which becomes their abode and they are trying to fix and run throughout the game.

Primordia Game Overview:

When an unknown robot invades UNIIC and kidnaps the only source of energy the ship Horatio and Crispin has to go looking for him that lead them to the legendary city of Metropolis.

Gameplay Primordia Game:

Unlike many other adventure games Primordia offers to solve puzzles in real time.  In addition there are many ways to solve a problem. Style of play and choices that you make as you progress through history will be reflected in the end. Interface Primordia peculiar to most other point-and-click games left button you interact with objects and environment and the right can get information about the objects you are interested in.

Inventory “toolkit” (database saving loading etc.) And all the other features that you will need during the game can be found on a special panel at the top of the screen.  All items in the inventory can be combined with each other and almost all of the available items can be applied to the active zones and characters.

Crispin can also interact with various objects for your instructions.  More Crispin gives you tips on passing but all the clues written in the gameplay so as to avoid the collapse of the “fourth wall”. All sensitive data (passwords data and so on.) Obtained in the course of the game will automatically be entered into the database. During conversations with other characters you can choose one of the provided replicas that will also affect the development of events.

Primordia Game

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