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Putting the 85-megabyte patch you get rid of a whole bunch of diverse bugs and flaws slo long to save games strange control with non-rising problems of things.  However the engine was slow and leisurely but it would be naive to expect a correct such deficiencies as promptly.  Frankly I was struck by the speed of removal of the most vexing problems;  just have to ask – why could not do it before the release of the game ..?

Neverwinter Nights 2 Game Overview:

So I was born in West Haven which does not harbor any – in any case it does not go the ships.  I – the son of an elf but he is not an elf and not even Blood.  And do not ask how it all turns out he is not averse to understand.

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It all started at the harvest festival;  but about it I will not tell you.  And not because after a whirlwind of marking can not remember anything – but just not in this no need.  With those “tests” that I met that day everyone could do.  So I’ll start from the next day when the festival was replaced by a much more sad events.

Note harvest festival – it obuchalka which is quite possible to miss.  At the same time you will start immediately from the third level.
In the capital
Farewell to the homeland! And in the morning they woke up … and the awakening was not a pleasant one old friends Amy and Bevil woke me up shouting that the village broke some evil. They were even more right than it seems to us with an unfriendly visit came not trivial Gnoll skeletons or ghouls out there but rare in our part of the creature consisting of blades – they are also called lezviyniki bladelings.  From the distant and unknown dimensions of their being dragged here a little less exotic – gitiyanki strangers worlds and to support grabbed eternal backbiters duergar.

Amy poor thing was killed immediately engaging in a duel with the magician gitiyanki – I could not do anything for her.  We somehow have collected the militia (who had to comfort someone to treat …) and to cope with the onslaught but many people were killed.  The main thing is clear with a fright inomirtsy interested in a remote village in the dustbin of history?

In Deguna my so to speak of his father on this account the considerations that the whole thing in a silver shard.  This is the fragment of it for some reason dragged here from distant wanderings and hid but not in the village and in the ruins nearby.  The creatures you see a little missed. We went to get a splinter Bevil.  Along the way we had to kill several dozen lizards skunks and beetles.  Splinter was in the room crammed full lizards;  but I introduced them to the messenger of God and the poor unsuspecting reptile themselves gave me everything.  It’s amazing. Note splinter really difficult adds the owner of health (10 hits).

Neverwinter Nights 2 Game

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