Natural Threat 2 Game

Review: Natural Threat 2 Game is a national park that was founded in 1949 to protect the area around Mount Kenya.  It is located in the territory belonging to the Eastern and Central Provinces of Kenya.

The area of ??the park is 715 km � most of it is located at an altitude of more than 3000 m 2 3.  The area of ??the forest reserve is 705 km � thus the total area of ??the protected area is 1420 km � 2.

Natural Threat 2 Game Overview:

Prior to the national park status it was a forest reserve.  At the moment the national park is located on the territory of the forest reserve which surrounds the park from all sides 4.  In April 1978 the territories were granted the status of a UNESCO biosphere reserve 2.  In 1997 the national park and the forest reserve were included in the UNESCO World Heritage List 5.

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The Kenyan government has established a national park for four main reasons the importance of tourism to Mount Kenya for the local and national economy the protection of the scenic territory the conservation of biological diversity within the park and the preservation of water sources for nearby areas 3.

A small part of the boundaries of the park is equipped with electric fences in order to protect agricultural lands from elephants inhabiting the park 6.

Natural Threat 2 Game

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