NBA Playgrounds Game

Review: NBA Playgrounds is a basketball video game for Microsoft Windows Nintendo Switch PlayStation 4 and Xbox One that was released on May 9 2017.1 Developed by Saber Interactive and officially licensed by the National Basketball Association the game is set up as an arcade-style basketball game akin to prior games such as the NBA Jam and NBA Street series.

Gameplay NBA Playgrounds Game:

Players fill up their roster of players by playing different modes to earn packs. Tournament mode is a mode where they play four games with challenges on each court. Once the tournament is completed they unlock the court and a gold pack. There is online mode and exhibition where players can play to upgrade the players from bronze to silver and gold. Players also get a pack for leveling up their offline level and their online level.

Development NBA Playgrounds Game:

NBA Playgrounds includes a roster of both active and former NBA stars; both local and online multiplayer modes are included in the game. The game has a digital-only distribution.

The online feature was not ready at launch day for the Nintendo Switch version due to technical issues but the developer initially promised it would be ready in a few days.2 Despite that two weeks have passed before the developer was questioned on Twitter about the online status of the Nintendo Switch version without getting a definitive answer.3 However the developer later told Nintendo Switch players to expect a “huge announcement” on June 1.4 Ultimately the developer announced anyone who purchases NBA Playgrounds on the Nintendo Switch prior to implementing the online feature will receive a complimentary copy of the upcoming beat ’em up title Shaq Fu A Legend Reborn as compensation for their continued patience re-iterating the online feature is coming soon.

NBA Playgrounds Game

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