Mini Ninjas Game

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Randy Cunningham is going to be cool ninja!  He is waiting for an exciting journey in the dungeon with a lot of dangers.

More From Mini Ninjas Game:

Game Cool Ninja Randy Cunningham – a game in the genre of “fighting for the boys” based on the cartoon Ninja High School.  The children sat in class listening to the teacher and how there was trouble – one of the boys stole a bloodthirsty robot.  The main character is going to do anything to save a friend.  His goal – to learn all the intricacies of Chinese martial arts.

Mini Ninjas Game Overview:

Come level by level avoiding various obstacles – pendulums burning missiles laser beams and winning a lot of bloodthirsty enemies.  Use the handy tools – combat skills and a variety of balls which will be open as it passes.  Collect useful bonuses – gold badges ninjas hearts and more.

Mini Ninjas Game

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