Metro 2033 Redux Game

Review: Metro 2033 Redux Game is a multi-platform video games and �Metro Last Light� in which the game has undergone remastering and came to the next-generation consoles. The Russian edition was published under the name Metro 2033. Return 2.  The release took place on August 28 2014 for the PC game consoles Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The sale reissue was released in boxed format and digital copies of the edition.  There is also a possibility to buy each one separately games.  Players who previously bought �Metro 2033″ or �Metro Last Light� in the Steam service could get for pre-order �Metro Redux” Discount 50.

Metro 2033 Redux Game Overview:

Both games are part of the collection began to include two new modes “Survival” and “Spartan”.  The first mode allows players to play in �Survival Horror� style slow reloading weapon enhanced enemies limited resources.  “Spartan” mode makes the game more like the Metro Last Light – battles are balanced better and themselves often come across in-game resources 2.

In both games was also introduced regime of “Ranger” the main feature of which – no HUD interface and the increased complexity of the game.

The game has been completely redone in the new version of the engine 4A Engine embodying the latest technological advances reflected earlier in �Metro Last Light�.  visual part has been improved there was an advanced lighting dynamic weather more detailed characters character animation has been improved were more dynamic destruction and improved particle effects.

The gameplay has been improved has been improved artificial intelligence opponents improved combat and stealth mechanics weapons possession intuitive operation.  There were also new possibilities of gameplay which came from �Metro Last Light� – rubbing the mask to improve weapons and silent killing.

The player in almost every location especially in the chapters which takes place on the surface is now available a number of new places to explore and search for ammunition.

 Metro 2033 Redux Game

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