Midnight Nowhere Game

Review: Midnight Nowhere is an adventure murder mystery set in a small town haunted by a serial killer. People are leaving the town in panic, the police are bending over backwards to catch the criminal, the military are putting cordons round the town — but nothing can stop the maniac. New people are found dead every day. Horror and death reign over the town… Suffering from amnesia, you are cast right into the middle of this frightening scenario as you try to find out what you’re doing in the middle of a room full of bodies. In this suspenseful, story-driven adventure you will solve numerous puzzles and battle creatures of the dark to reveal the ultimate mystery. Prepare yourself for a thrilling experience in a stunningly beautiful 3D world of suspense and horror. 

Midnight Nowhere Game Overview:

As the gaming industry becomes more global, we’re beginning to see a large number of games coming from Europe and Russia. Midnight Nowhere is one of these games, and it’s an attempt to build a spooky horror adventure about serial killers. Unfortunately, it’s also a game that you can’t help but feel got lost in translation. 

More From Midnight Nowhere Game:

The game is set in the near future, in the fictional Russian city of Black Lake. An unstoppable serial killer has murdered hundreds, and the government is powerless to stop him. The game gets off to a great start, with your character, Sergey, waking up in a body bag in an eerie, deserted morgue. But that early promise is wasted in no time by Sergey’s outlandish tone. Rather than being creeped out or terrified–or even vaguely disturbed–Sergey cracks jokes and ogles the breasts of a dead woman as if waking up in a body bag surrounded by corpses were old hat for him. Sadly, it’s almost all downhill from there. As he encounters more and more bodies, his tone almost becomes even more jovial. Sergey cracks one-liners much like Arnold Schwarzenegger does whenever he dispatches a villain in one of his movies.
Midnight Nowhere Game

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