Outlast 2 Game

Outlast 2 Game is a cross-platform computer game in the genre Survival horror from the first person developed and published by the company Red Barrels.  The game was released on April 25 2017 on the platforms of Windows PlayStation 4 and Xbox One simultaneously 2.

Outlast 2 Game Overview:

In October 2014 in an interview with Bloody Disgusting the co-founder of the studio Philip Morin announced that the studio Red Barrels is working on the sequel Outlast – Outlast 2. He noted that the continuation game will also be related to the genre of survival horror and that it will have new main characters and  Plot but the action will take place in the same universe.  Maureen described the game being developed as an “emotional attraction” and stressed that all the design decisions in it are based on how they affect the experiences of the players and whether these experiences serve 3.  Announcement of the game took place on October 29 2015 when a mini-teaser for the game was released.

More From Outlast 2 Game:

Outlast 2 like its predecessor Outlast and its Whistleblower is a single survival horror game with a first-person view.  This time the player manages journalist Blake Langermann advancing through the countryside in the Soupai area 5 near the Colorado plateau with the goal of finding his wife Lynn who was abducted by religious fanatics who inhabited the neighborhood.
Outlast 2 Game

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