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Review:  Outcry Game a computer game in the genre of graphic adventure developed by the studio Phantomery Interactive in collaboration with the musical group Anthesteria and published by New Disc.  Sublustrum combines elements of classic computer quests such as Myst and Scratches with the author’s approach to visual and sound design as well as to the plot in its psychological aspects.

Outcry Game Overview:

Cover of the American edition Sublustrum (Outcry)
In Russia the game went on sale on 29 May 2008 as a Jewel-box and a deluxe edition.  The package includes a convertible version of the gift box DVD with the game Anthesteria group’s music album color manual two-sided poster and four postcards stylized photography beginning of the XX century,

More From Outcry Game:

August 28 Sublustrum released in North America under the name Outcry the game was published by The Adventure Company.  In February 2009 Sublustrum released in Poland under its original name.  March 26 game was released in Germany as Outcry Die D�mmerung.

History of creation
In spring 2006 two young men – George Beloglazov musician Anthesteria and Denis Tambovtsev the future art director Phantomery conceived to create an audio-visual project – a three-dimensional virtual shell for the new album.  According to George Beloglazov himself “… the idea was to create a room with a bathroom where each room has its own track plus interactivity built-in elements influencing the development of the composition.”

In autumn 2006 active work begins on the software implementation of the game.  Most of the work was done by three people and a guest programmer Alexey Yefremov.

Outcry Game

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