BeamNG Drive (v0.11.0.4) (LATEST) Game


Review: Free Download BeamNG Drive Full Version (v0.11.0.4) (LATEST) Version PC Game Direct Link 100% Working. BeamNG drive Free Download For All Windows OS XP/7/8/9/10 32+64 bit Full Game in single complete iso file game setup. it is a computer game in the genre of the autosimulator which is developed and published by BeamNG for the Windows platform.  Uses the unique physics of soft bodies.  It is an ideological continuation of the previous project of developers – Rigs of Rods.

BeamNG Drive (v0.11.0.4) (LATEST) Game Gameplay: currently does not have any goals in the game although after early access to Steam ( scripts were added in which the player had to pass through checkpoints.  And from version a company (story) called “A Rocky Start” was added to the game. The player can manage and split a lot of cars on several standard maps.  The game implements the physics of soft bodies to monitor the dynamics of the car as well as to control collisions of objects and vehicles 8 which is realistic accurate destructible and “stringy”.

BeamNG Drive (v0.11.0.4) (LATEST) Game Physics: is based on real-time structural physics of soft bodies for simulating vehicles that in the game consist of a soft shell a beam-type assembly similar to the design of a vehicle in Rigs of Rods.  The physical engine simulates a network of interconnected nodes and beams that form an invisible car frame with realistic weight and weight.  From the point of view of the physics of soft bodies vehicles actually bend and do not deform like the skeleton such as the application of collision effects.  The engine constantly calculates physical equations and tasks in real time right during the game.

BeamNG Drive (v0.11.0.4) (LATEST) Game Development:

At the end of May 2012 BeamNG released a video on its YouTube channel called Revolutionary Soft-body Physics in “CryEngine3” 1.  Initially used the render engine CryEngine3 but because of the abundance of bugs the game was moved to the Torque 3D engine 6.  To develop developers use the Lua programming language and data packets through the Lua system network while the game works to complete the complex physics equations during the game.

BeamNG created its site in May 2012 to publish there news about the development of the simulator. 13  The site has a public forum developer’s blog wiki. The game was posted to an open vote on Steam Greenlight on February 12 2014 14.  Already after 8 days the game received a green light.  The news about this was published on the developers’ website.

From September 2014 until February 2015 the developers of added public experimental versions of the game in which the latest achievements of were collected.  Steam Early Access Update was officially added to Steam in early access mode on May 29 2015.

Criticism received high ratings from critics.  In an article by BBC Autos the author wrote “BeamNG is interested in cinema to model stunts on vehicles because they can be tested thoroughly but cheaply – before the stuntman breaks the car in which he sits.”
BeamNG Drive Game

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