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Review: Free Download Overgrowth Full Version PC Game Direct Link 100% working Game. Overgrowth Free Download Full Version Game For All Windows OS XP/7/8/9/10 32+64 bit it is a game developed by the independent game studio Wolfire Games.  The game was announced on September 17 2008 1 for the three main computer platforms Mac OS X Windows and Linux.  At the moment the game is at the beta stage and anyone who pre-orders the game gets access to the monthly updated alpha version.

The game is an adventure with a view from the 3rd person occurring in the gloomy medieval world of anthropomorphic animals rabbits wolves cats rats etc. The development of the game is led by David Rosen mostly known in the game development communities under Mac OS X for winning the uDevGames game development competition for three years in a row. The game was released on October 16 2017.

Overgrowth Game Features:

Overgrowth will be built on a new game engine called ‘Phoenix’.  The engine includes several advanced features the most notable is physics-based animation.  It also contains an improved motion model.  Running / jumping / rolling / turning takes place smoothly and all the poses and animations will vary depending on the environment mood and even the individuality of each character.  The environment will be affected by the weather even trees will grow faster under the sun.
Other features include
     modular armor system 4
     realistic plant growth 5
     a variety of weapons 6
     editor for creating custom maps and scripts 7
     the multiplayer game 8.

Overgrowth Game Gameplay:

Overgrowth uses an intuitive very simple and convenient control system that avoids random and inconvenient keystrokes of button combinations as well as their remembering which is inherent in fighting games.  The game has only one attack button and a multi function action button however Overgrowth allows you to perform dozens of combat maneuvers.

Levels in Overgrowth introduce the players to the situation and certain tasks necessary to perform.  However in spite of the fact that the game has goals you are given complete freedom in order to decide how where and when to attack.  Freedom of action allows the player to choose the path of passage that he likes.

The game features a fairly advanced AI which allows hostile characters to attack the player from behind and also act together with other characters.  A striking feature is that AI can assess its chances of winning and if the defeat is practically guaranteed it will try to escape.

Overgrowth Game

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