X-Men Origins Wolverine Game

Review: X-Men Origins Wolverine Free Download PC Game Full Version Direct Link 100% Work. Free Download X-Men Origins Wolverine PC Game (Russian X-Men Origins Wolverine) is a computer game based on the film of the same name.

X-Men Origins Wolverine Game Plot:

The plot of the game repeats the plot of the movie of the same name although the events are not presented in chronological order and there is an additional story line about robot guards.  In addition the game against Wolverine is opposed by opponents who are not in the movie.  The narrative follows two plot lines a meteorite search in Africa and events three years later.

X-Men Origins Wolverine Game Prologue:

In the near future Wolverine hunts or hides from a group of soldiers among the city ruins.  He methodically kills them all while trying to understand their goals and trying to remember the forgotten past.
Chapter 1 Origins Episode 1
Wolverine as part of an elite mutant squad (the X team) under the command of Colonel William Stryker flies in a helicopter to Africa to search for a fallen meteorite which consists of adamantium – heavy metal.  The helicopter is knocked down and Logan throws out of it.  Having survived the fall he goes in search of members of his team.  Finding the place where the helicopter crashes he goes to the radio and is instructed to move to the river.  Having reached the river and having overcome part of the way by boat he finds his brother and the rest of the team.
Episode 2
Three years after the events in Africa Logan leads the life of an ordinary person.  He works as a woodcutter and meets a girl named Kayla.  During one of the joint night walks she tells him the Indian legend about Wolverine.  In the bar they stumble upon Victor Creed Logan’s brother.  Wolverine tells Kayle to run and enters into a fight with him but loses.  When Logan comes to he discovers that his beloved is dead.  Unexpectedly Stryker appears and offers to help Wolverine avenge her death.  He promises to make him invulnerable by inserting into his skeleton adamantium which they found in Africa.  Wolverine agrees.  The experiment to introduce Adamantium into the skeleton of Wolverine is proceeding successfully.  Stryker gives the order to kill Logan since he can not trust him but Wolverine has time to free himself and run away.  The connection with Logan goes to Dr. Carol Frost.  She reports that Stryker injected Wolverine with a virus that blocks his ability to regenerate and gradually kills him.  She cures him and asks her to save Anna who is forcibly kept in the laboratory.  Logan reluctantly agrees.  He finds the girl and releases her from the cell but while he is searching for an exit she is abducted.  Logan goes for the kidnapper and rescues Anna again.  After he tells the girl to use her teleportation abilities to leave the base.  Logan himself has to break through a protected tunnel which floods with water.  Wolverine is washed off with a stream of water and he loses consciousness.
X-Men Origins Wolverine Game

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