Total War Rome 2 Empire Divided Game

Review: Total War Rome 2 Empire Divided Free Download Full Version Direct Link. Free Download Total War Rome 2 Empire Divided Game Full Version in a single direct link for all Windows OS XP/7/8/9/10 32+64 bit. it is a computer strategy game developed by the British company Creative Assembly.  Officially announced on July 4 2012 1.  The eighth game in the series Total War a sequel and a remake of the 2004 Rome game Total War.  The release of the game took place on September 3 2013 2.  The minimum system requirements remained the same as for Total War Shogun.

Total War Rome 2 Empire Divided Game Overview:

A total of 117 factions 3 are declared which are conditionally divided into five cultures – the Barbarian the Greek the Roman Punic and Eastern;  the differences between them are much more significant than in past games.  Each cultural type has its own strengths in trade waging wars politics and agent skills.  The development of technologies will also differ but the main directions are uniform for all – civil military and technical.  In addition some factions are divided into families accessible to the players each of which will have its own unique advantages.  Much more attention is paid to the player’s interaction with the internal political system of the faction.  Sometimes she will have to engage in resistance.  Game characters have to combine with the role of politics and commander.

Total War Rome 2 Empire Divided Game Story:

“Caesar in Gaul” is an independent campaign for Total War ROME II dedicated to the conquest of Julius Caesar’s war against the Gallic tribes.  The campaign is based on Caesar’s essay “Notes on the Gallic War”.  Players can choose between the four factions involved in this conflict Arvern (Gauls) Svebs (Germans) nerves (Belgas) and Rome.  The campaign “Caesar in Gaul” covers a smaller period of time (58-51 BC) and a smaller part of the territory than the base game but it more fully represents Gallia and the southern coast of Britain more factions (game and non-player)  .  In the campaign there are a number of famous generals and historical statesmen such as Guy Julius Caesar or Mark Antony whom the player hires or with whom he fights depending on the faction chosen.  In the campaign added a new historic battle – the Battle of Alesia which was a turning point in the Gallic War leading to the capture of Vercingetorix.  In the battle of Alesia the player’s task is to siege the Gallic fortress under the command of Vercingetorix.  In addition to the game factions of the new campaign in addition to “Caesar in Gaul” three new factions for the main game are presented nerves battles and galata.
Total War Rome 2 Empire Divided Game

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