Tony Hawks Pro Skater 3 Game

Review: Tony Hawks Pro Skater 3 Free Download Full Version PC Game Direct Link. Free Download Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3 Full Version iso & .exe setup For All Windows OS. it is also known as THPS3 or Tony Hawk 3 is a video game from the Tony Hawk series developed by Neversoft and published by Activision in 2001 for the Nintendo GameCube Game Boy Color PlayStation and PlayStation 2. In 2002 the game was also  released for Nintendo 64 Xbox PC and Game Boy Advance.  On PlayStation 2 the game was the first to support online mode.  At the same time it was the last game released on the Nintendo 64 in the US.

Tony Hawks Pro Skater 3 Game process:

Unlike most games THPS3 does not have a story.  A player can perform a number of tricks for which points are awarded.  Also the player can connect them to different combinations (combo).

The Tony Hawks Pro Skater 3 Game features modes:

     Free skating
     One check-in

The goal of the player in the career mode selecting one of the presented characters complete all tasks at all levels in the game.  There are two kinds of levels normal and competition.

For ordinary levels a common set of nine tasks is typical
     To score a certain number of points (3 tasks)
     Collect the letters S K A T E scattered throughout the level.
     Find the secret tape.  Usually it is in a remote place.
     Do 5 similar actions at the level (for example include 5 cranes in the forge).
     Specific level tasks (3 tasks)

The competition follows the following rules
     The player participates in three races.  Each race is evaluated by 5 judges.
     As a result the arithmetic mean is calculated between the two best races.
     The minimum score is 0.0 the maximum is 99.9.

In addition at each level there are 5 stat points and 1 skateboard.  Points of statistics allow to develop the character’s skills and skateboards (in contrast to the previous parts) do not affect the game in any way. Also in the game there is a map editor thanks to which you can create maps as you wish. In the modes of free skating and one race the statistics of the characters depend on their statistics in the career.  The objective of the player in the mode of one race to collect as many points as possible in 2 minutes.  Free skating – training without time limits.

Tony Hawks Pro Skater 3 Game

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