To The Moon Game

Review: To The Moon Game the fourth game and the first commercial project of the Canadian independent studio Freebird.  Created on the engine and RPG Maker released on November 1 2011. distributed exclusively through the official website of the developer up to 8 September 2012 has not yet appeared in the digital distribution service Steam Origin and

Plot To The Moon Game:

The game tells the story of two doctors – Eve Rosalyn Watts and the Nile are engaged in quite an unusual thing.  They are literally speaking give people another chance to live a life – through the creation of artificial memories in the patient’s mind.  However there is a conflict between the real and the artificial practice allows such transactions only for people who are on their deathbed.  In order to accomplish what they dreamed to do in my life … but did not.

To The Moon Game Overview:

Another client – a dying elderly man named Johnny.  Traveling through the recollections of colleagues reveal new pieces of his past.  It is necessary to put together the pieces of the events of his life to find out the cause of the dying wish and execute it.  And Johnny’s last wish of course – to go to the moon.

But things did not go as expected.  Two doctors must find out the cause of desire Johnny to learn the truth about his past his late wife River and do everything possible to send it to the moon.

At the end it turned out that Johnny met River as a child at the carnival when watching the stars and promised to meet with her “on the belly of the rabbit” (in the constellation which they were the Moon is the rabbit belly) if they are lost.  Shortly afterwards Joey Johnny’s twin brother killed under the wheels of his mother’s car.  It gives Johnny beta-blockers to cause his loss of memory of these tragic events.  But these events and he forgets about the River.  Later Johnny meets River again and a few years later to marry her.  Due to its state (River suffered from Asperger’s syndrome and unknown deadly disease but in the name of the game for both diseases were not used) Johnny can not cope with the stress flow.  Ultimately River refuses treatment in respect of the completion of the house at the cliff which was her favorite place where there was a lighthouse Anna (she gave him the name) which leads indirectly to her death.  Johnny is the one blaming himself in his wife’s death.  It leaves his desire to go to the moon – there they agreed to meet as children if they lose each other.

Rosalyn Watts and ultimately succeed in implanting memories in which Johnny and River are introduced to NASA and the twin brother of Joey survives and becomes the greatest writer of our time.  Being in a coma Johnny slowly begins to die and the last “new” memories and Johnny Rivero and fly to the moon.  In the dying moments she holds his hand.  The moon appears in a window of the shuttle Johnny takes River arm and a heart rate monitor stops.

For young and probably died Johnny meets River as can be seen and most likely at the lunar surface.  Johnny gives teddy platypus river and they both return again to the observation of the stars as in life on the day of their first meeting. At the end of the game after a report about Eve new patient screen redness characteristic points for attacks the patient and Neil drinks painkillers.

To The Moon Game

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