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Review: Titanfall 2 Free Download PC Game Full Version Direct Link 100% Working Game. Free Download Titanfall 2 Full Version in a single direct link iso setup file Complete Game For All Windows OS XP/7/8/9/10 32+64 bit. it is a fantastic first-person shooter with elements of a fur simulator developed by Respawn Entertainment.  It is the sequel to the game Titanfall released in 2014.  The game was released on PC Xbox One and PS4 on October 28 2016.

Titanfall 2 Game Gameplay:

Like its predecessor the game is a first-person shooter in which players can control the pilot and exoskeletons “Titans” made in the style of “fur”.  The pilot has an arsenal of abilities that allow jumping and running along steep walls with the help of a “pilot jumping module”.  These abilities can be used with each other in order to quickly navigate through the game locations.  The speed of parkour is much slower than in the previous game of the series which makes the game more accessible to new players the source is not specified 434 days.  Matches have been redesigned so that players now have enough time to learn the map and its features.

When a player receives enough points he can summon Titan landing from the sky.  They are much slower than the pilots but they have more powerful weapons and are more tenacious.  Six new species of Titans were introduced.

The Titan customization has undergone a significant change.  Now every “type” of titanium has the weapons and abilities fixed to it that can not be changed by the player as it was in the first part but you can change their principle of action a little for example to add bullets to the rebounds or to arrange a nuclear explosion with a bailout.

Source engine used in the first part of the game in Titanfall 2 has been reprocessed 2.  According to the technical director of the game in the engine Source updated the rendering system sound engine script system as well as network code engine for better connection.  For physics in the game Havok answers.

For the first time in the game there was a full-scale story campaign for one player. The plot of Titanfall 2 is based on the opposition of the militia and the IMC corporation which seeks to destroy the rebels in the Frontier system in order to seize their resources. The protagonist is Jack Cooper a soldier who dreams of becoming a pilot – an elite fighter who has the most advanced technology and personal Titan available – a sensible fighting machine-furs.  Cooper is trained by Captain Lastimoz who himself is a pilot of the Titanium BT-7274.

During the execution of the most important task of searching for the missing Major Anderson who possesses important information about the IMC’s plans the entire Cooper squad including Lastimozu is killed by the attack of a group of elite mercenaries “Higher Predators” working on IMC led by Kuben Blisk.  Dying the captain gives his Titan to Cooper.

Cooper and BT continue to task Lustimose to search for Major Anderson but find him dead with a portable time machine on his arm.  It turns out that the IMC found an artifact called the “Ark” which has the power to move through time and on its basis the corporation creates a cannon of enormous power to destroy the home planet of the militia – “Harmony.”  After reuniting with the surviving rebel forces BT and Cooper join the main resistance forces.

The rebels organize a massive attack on the main IMC base where the Ark is stored but at the last moment the corporation manages to transport the artifact on the aircraft carrier.  The rebels organize a chase on the remaining IMC aircraft carriers.  During the chase of the rebels an elite member of the “Higher Predators” – Gyurza flying a special flying Titan is leaving.  With difficulty overcoming it BT and Cooper get to the aircraft carrier with the Ark but the dying Gyurza badly damages the BT and knocks down the aircraft carrier.

BT and Cooper are taken prisoner to the “Higher Predators” where Bliss extracts the Ark which BT locked in the cockpit and destroys Titan.  Escaping from captivity Cooper inserts the surviving electronic brain BT in the new Titan and makes his way to the distorting gun which has already begun to be charged.  The BT gun again gets critical damage and decides to activate self-destruction to destroy the Ark.  At the last moment he pulls Cooper out of the cab and hurls him with tremendous force allowing him to escape. The IMC gun is destroyed but the war continues.  Cooper is officially appointed as a pilot.  He is given a new Titan but he still misses BT. After the credits Cooper’s helmet is shown with flashing lights which in the binary code form the word “Jack?”.

Titanfall 2 Game

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