Time Of Shadows Game

Review: Time Of Shadows Game is the The Shadows is a British instrumental rock band (although sometimes there were also songs with vocals) formed in May 1958 in London as a result of the transformation of The Five Chesternuts into The Drifters and then finally in ”  The Shadows “in July 1959.

The original line-up included Hank Marvin (solo guitar piano vocal) Bruce Welch (rhythm guitar) Terence “Jet” Harris (bass guitar) Tony Meehan (drums).  In the future the composition has changed many times.  Of the original composition only Marvin and Welch remained. It is one of the oldest rock bands in the world and perhaps the oldest of the existing ones.

History Time Of Shadows Game:

Another group called The Drifters accompanied Cliff Richard.  After the release of Richard’s first single the group entered into an independent agreement with Norra Peerator a representative of Columbia.  After two singles released under the name The Drifters their vocal work “Saturday Dance” appeared.  All these works did not bring the group success but the starting point in the career of The Shadows was the acquaintance and cooperation with the composer Jerry Lorden who gave them the work “Apache”.  This instrumental composition became a big hit and took the first place of the British chart for six weeks and in many musical questionnaires was proclaimed the single of the year.  Thus The Shadows strengthened their positions in the music market indirectly pushing the song of Cliff Richard “Please Do not Tease” from the top of the chart.

More From Time Of Shadows Game:

The following years brought The Shadows a series of hit singles among which were “F.B.I.” “The Frightened City” “The Savage” and “Guitar Tango”.  All of them entered the top ten like Kon Tiki Wonderful Land Dance On Foot Tapper.  Despite the great success the disagreements in the group led to a change in its composition.  In October 1961 Miena was replaced by Brian Bennett and in April 1962 Harris – Brian “Lycoris” Locking.  The last in a year gave way to John Rostill.  What is interesting soon the recordings of Harris and Mien began to compete on the pop charts with the works of The Shadows.  For example up to the first place their joint work has risen – the single “Diamonds”.

In 1963-1964 The Shadows again recorded several successful compositions Atlantis Geronimo Theme For Young Lovers and The Raise & Fall Flingel Bunt but gradually the flowering of the morsibite began to push back their works.  Then the band’s musicians took part in several films featuring Cliff Richard and also performed in the London musical “Alladin & His Wonderful Lamp” which brought the band another hit – “Genie With The Light Brown Lamp”.  Since 1965 the popularity of the band has begun to subside and it was during this period that two unsuccessful singles appeared “The Next Time I See Mary Ann” and “Do not Make My Baby Blue.”  The later film and some other artistic projects also did not bring recognition.

Time Of Shadows Game

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