They Are Billions Game

Review: They Are Billions Game Free Download full version. They Are Billions is a strategic game in the real-time steampunk style developed by Numantian Games.  The plot unfolds on a strange planet long colonized by mankind.  This civilization is now on the verge of extinction because of the zombie epidemic.  Several thousand survivors must find a way to stay alive in a world infected with billions of zombies.  Developers have combined typical science fiction and elements of horror with the influence of steampunk.  Players spend most of the time managing and upgrading their colony.  They need to collect resources build and improve buildings and create an energy network.
For RTS-gamers They Are Billions presents an interesting problem can you build a colony capable of resisting a massive attack on the horizon?  These tips are for new game players.
Double your walls
It’s pretty simple advice but it will help you literally every time you play double the walls multiply the defense.

Although you can not make the walls triple you can double them.  This will create hordes of two obstacles.
Keep track of your resources and plan ahead In no case should you deplete the food energy or workers at the wrong time. To raise your defense on time before the final wave you need to make the most of your colony.  This applies to a lot of small things but one of the most important aspects is the balance of your economy. Always build food energy or work buildings before you run out of any of them.  Gold is a little harder to get and it should be your main priority for the first half of the game. This rule also applies to wood stone iron and fuel.  They are used for the construction of buildings and trains some of which consume these resources permanently (and therefore reduce the overall crop).

The difference between wood stone iron fuel and the above resources is a constant profit.  To maximize performance you must provide new sources for these resources as quickly as possible throughout the game. Sell ​​excess materials on the market You can click on a market building to actively sell resources if you have excess so use it liberally.  By selling timber and stone at an early stage gold mining becomes a little easier. If you do not have problems with gold and you have excess timber find a suitable place and build several walls.  You will never have too many walls.
They Are Billions Game

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