The Last Remnant Game

Review: The Last Remnant Game Japanese role-playing game developed and published by Square Enix.  The game is focused on Japanese and Western audiences and was released simultaneously in Japan North America and Europe November 20 2008 on Xbox 360. In March next year the game was released for the Microsoft Windows and April 9 has received an international release via digital store Steam.  Planned is also a version for the PlayStation 3 but later abandoned the developers porting 4.  For the first time the creation of the game became known May 10 2007 after a press conference in Shinjuku.  The first playable demo was shown in September 2008 at the exhibition Tokyo Game Show.  The game takes place in a fictional world divided between the city-states inhabited by four different races in the past where there were military conflicts-for “Remnants” magical artifacts of different shapes and sizes.  The player assumes the role of Rush Sykes a young boy searching for his sister who was involved in a secret war.  The game features a unique battle system where the player controls several units instead of individual control of each character.

The Last Remnant Game Overview:

The Last Remnant orchestrated game designer Hiroshi Takai and this is the first game company that uses engine Unreal Engine 3. The President of Square Enix Yoichi Wada noted in this respect that the game “should be a turning point in the international strategy of the company”. 5  Art direkturoy engaged main artist Kimihiko Miyamae and art producer Yusuke Naor.  The music for the game was written by composer Tsuyoshi Sekito assisted by Yasuhiro Yamanaka the soundtrack was released separately as a triple album.  Design and dialogues are built in such a way that equally well and came to Western and Japanese players for the main characters was adjusted lip synchronicity with replicas of the English voice actor.

The Last Remnant Game

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