The King of Fighters XIV Game

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The King of Fighters XIV Game Overview:

The announcement of the new King of Fighters in which they decided to abandon the proprietary 2D-drawing towards 3D-characters was like a bolt from the blue.  Hardly anyone could imagine at that moment that the developers who have been working for so many years to create to the smallest detail the elaborated sprites animated by hand so easily give up their main visual “chips” and go to the camp to those who use 3D  model on the front and back of the game arena.  But the King of Fighters XIV finally came out and we ourselves can estimate how much this moment influenced the perception of the new part of the legendary series and how this fighting is felt among the already proven competitors on the consoles of a new generation of competitors.

The game unlike many colleagues in the genre immediately offers us access to 50 unique fighters.  These are not copies or recolors but completely different characters each with its own characteristics frame special strokes and combinations.  All these fighters are divided into conditional “groups” of which they are representatives but in practice when we form a shock team for battles this is by no means reflected on the player – you can play by anyone and against anyone.

32 fighters from the available ones were already in the series before and many fans easily recognize them but in addition to them 18 newcomers added to the game which perfectly fit into the game process and are well balanced in relation to other characters.  So all those who have just purchased King of Fighters XIV will have a huge field for experiments and a lot of tricks with combinations for studying.

In the battle there are 3 characters but not in the TAG-mode which is habitual for fans of fighting games but in strict sequence.  We choose from the roster 3 heroes and when one of them is “knocked out” for 1 round the next one comes to replace.  And so on until one of the players will not remain “in the sleeve” of the characters.  It is interesting that the health of the soldier who won the round is not replenished to the full by the next round but only a little “life” is added to the strip depending on how much time remained on the timer after the victory.

The new THE KING OF FIGHTERS is a 3-for-3 battle with 50 characters.  3D-graphics and 2D-battles 1080p-60fps

The King of Fighters XIV Game Features:

• 50 KOF fighters!
• Network COMMAND BATTLE up to 12 players
• HISTORY MODE continues with KOF XIV
• CANCELATION CANCELLATION uses the special KOF movement mechanics
• Experience points supplement attacks in the MAXIMUM MODE
• Combo by pressing the “square” button in the BURST MODE
• Network training mode and recording of battles

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