The Hunter 2012 Game

Review: The Hunter 2012 Game is a series of computer games hunting simulators.  Initially created for Windows and published by WizardWorks Software the game later spread to the Mac Game Boy Color PlayStation 2 and mobile phones.  Deer Hunter is one of the first hunting simulators.

The Hunter 2012 Game Overview:

The first game in the series was released in November 1997.  In 2003 WizardWorks Software commissioned Southlogic Studios to develop Trophy Hunter 2003 and thanks to the success of Trophy Hunter the development of the Deer Hunter series was resumed and continued with Deer Hunter 2004 and Deer Hunter 2005 games released by Atari.  The original Deer Hunter and its sequel Deer Hunter II were also released on Macintosh computers.

More From The Hunter 2012 Game:

The game process usually takes place in the forest or in the meadow at different times of the year.  Other animals besides deer even a snowman can be found during the game but they perform the role of scenery.  Some animals can be killed but the player for them will not receive the trophy and will be fined if the animal was out of the prohibited for hunting.
The Hunter 2012 Game

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