The House of the Dead 4 Game

Review: The House of the Dead 4 Free Download PC Video Horror Game Full Version Direct Link.  The House of the Dead 4 Full Version Free Download Setup iso File Complete PC game is a game developed by Wow Entertainment and published by Sega in 2005.  It is the fourth and last game in the series “The House of the Dead”.  Originally released only on arcade machines but in 2012 it was announced that the game along with The House of the Dead III will appear on the PlayStation 3. The game was released on the PlayStation Network on April 17 2012.

The House of the Dead 4 Game process:

The gameplay of the game has suffered many changes.  The most important of them is the use of a new weapon – machine gun.  Also a player can use grenades against crowds of zombies.  As the weapons became more rapid the pace of the game also accelerated noticeably.  A lot of interactive moments have been added to the game.  So for example shaking a machine not only recharges a weapon.  If a zombie has attached to the player it can be pushed away shaking with the machine until the end of the filling of the scale.  Sometimes during a fight with the bosses you need to use the machine’s shaking to free yourself from the monster or launch a mechanism from which the boss will fall.

The House of the Dead 4 Game Plot:

The action takes place in 2003.  James Taylor (the character of The House of the Dead 2) and newcomer Keith Green studied the AMS archives but suddenly an earthquake occurred.  A few days later Green and Taylor discover that there are hundreds of zombies in the archive building.  James and Kate understand that you need to escape.  Passing through narrow corridors they enter the main hall and discover that there are more zombies there.  After reaching the elevator the heroes could not escape as they were attacked by “Justice” which threw them into the sewer system under the building.  Having defeated “Justice” agents fall into the second part of the sewage system.  They also find a secret hall in which they learn the main plan of Caleb Goldman – to launch nuclear missiles from all parts of the earth which then fly to other hemispheres.  Having reached the miners’ elevator they have to fight with the “Lovers”.  Through the sewers Taylor and Green get into the metro through which they get to Venice in which a catastrophe occurred.  Immediately on the CCP the characters receive a message from the long-dead Goldman who tells them that at midnight “The World” will wake up.  Agents having started acting arrived in the main skyscraper of DBR where they encountered a mutant “Star” which seriously wounded James.  When they reached Goldman’s office the agents learned that Mir was already awake.  During the battle the creature evolved many times but in the last third time it turned into a spirit that flew away could then rampage in other parts of the earth and on the realization of this fact James destroyed it by running up and exploding.

After the end of the game appears the inscription “The continuation of the story will be in” The House of the Dead III “(chronologically following the 4th part).


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