The House of the Dead 2 Game

Review: The House of the Dead 2 Free Download Full Version PC Video Horror Game a video game in the genre of a rail shooter. The House of the Dead 2 Game Free Download Full Version Direct link 100% Working Game Setup For All Windows OS developed by Wow Entertainment and released by Sega in 1998 the sequel to The House of the Dead.  The original was released on arcade machines later there were ports for Sega Dreamcast Windows Xbox (as a bonus to The House of the Dead III) and Wii (as part of The House of the Dead 2 & 3 Return).

The House of the Dead 2 Game process:

The game process although it received several additions but basically remained the same.  The player needs to shoot the monsters he meets along the way saving the townspeople and finding all kinds of bonuses.  Also the player is free to change the route under certain conditions (saving or not saving the townspeople shooting locks and knives etc.).  As before the main opponents are zombies but in this game their numbers have increased noticeably.  Also in the game there are bosses which as before need to be destroyed only by getting to their weak spots.

Of the innovations can be noted several things.  First the new mode is “Training Mode”.  In this mode the player is presented with several small tasks that should help him develop his playing skills (such as “kill all the monsters having only 30 cartridges” or “save all the townspeople”).  Also the ability to select bonuses (in one of the game modes) was added to the game.  It can be a bonus life or a new weapon.

The House of the Dead 2 Game Plot:

The action takes place on February 26 2000 – 2 years after the events in the mansion of Churien.  Agent AMS Gee travels to Venice to meet with Caleb Goldman head of DBR Corporation who is also involved in the incident at the mansion.  However during his arrival Goldman releases the results of his experiments at will.  As a result all of Venice is plunged into chaos and communication with Gee is interrupted.  To clarify the circumstances the place is sent to four agents James Taylor Gary Stewart Amy Crystal and Harry Harris.  Together they go through a dangerous path that leads them to the “heart” of everything that is happening – the huge tower “DBR Corporation”.

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