The Dig Game

Review: The Dig Game a computer game in the genre quest developed and published by LucasArts in 1995.  The Dig was the 11th game that used the SCUMM engine and is known for its relationship with Steven Spielberg and long-term development.

Released only on CD-ROM the game was designed for PC and Macintosh.  The game is fully voiced and contains a digital orchestral music.  The graphics of the game for the most part drawn by hand;  animated inserts are a mixture of pre-rendered 3D animation and painted by hand.

The Dig the most serious of the quests from of LucasArts it does not contain any hint of buffoonery and very little humor which sharply distinguishes the game from the other quests of the company.

Plot The Dig Game

The radio telescope in Borneo pinpoint an unknown celestial body approaching the Earth.  This place is huge asteroid drop which can lead to catastrophic consequences.  A team of five members will fly to the space shuttle “Atlantis” to the asteroid named after the famous Attila the Hun leader and blow on its surface a series of nuclear weapons to change the trajectory of the flight of the object and bring a stable orbit around the Earth.  Five members of the crew

Commander Boston Low (Robert Patrick) – the main hero of the game an astronaut commander of the shuttle crew.
     Dr. Ludger Brink (Steven Bloom) – a geologist and archaeologist.
     Maggie Robbins (Mary Weiss) – journalist and expert on linguistics.
     Ken Borden (David Lodge) – the pilot of the shuttle.
     Cora Miles (Leilan Jones) – Flight Engineer shuttle NASA technician and a candidate for the US

The game begins with the release of members of the landing group – Low Brink and Robbins – to open space for the installation of explosives on the surface of the asteroid.  After the explosion and the successful establishment of a stable orbit Attila three heroes are exploring an asteroid and then discover that it is hollow.  Once activated the astronauts found in the depths of the alien asteroid devices of unknown purpose asteroid turns into a spaceship shaped like a dodecahedron and transports the researchers to another planet.  The crew begins to explore the desert planet which Brink cocytus be named in honor of the mythical river in Hades.

The main goal of people is finding a way to return home.  Though this world has a high level of technology it is in decline and signs of living sentient beings can not be detected.  The main theme of the game is xenoarchaeology.  The player must explore cocytus find a way to revive the ancient device and learn the fate of a civilization that built all these buildings.

The Dig Game

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