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Review: The Crew 2 is the upcoming racing video game in the genre of the auto simulator developed by Ivory Tower and published by Ubisoft for Microsoft Windows PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.  This is the continuation of The Crew in 2014.  The game has a permanent open world environment with a single mode for free travel over a scalable US.  The game allows players to control various vehicles including airplanes cars and boats.
Like its predecessor The Crew 2 is a racing game.  In the game players take control of an unknown rider who is trying to succeed in order to become successful in several disciplines 1.  It has a permanent place for racing and in the free world in the simplified digital model of the United States 2.  In addition to cars players can also monitor other types of vehicles including airplanes motorcycles and boats.  Each car has its own control physics which means that the gameplay is different when players control different types of vehicles.  Players can switch and control between air land and sea vehicles instantly 3.  The game features four different world-regions each of which has its own theme and style.  These topics include off-road street racing professional racing and freestyle.  Vehicle settings will also be shown in the game 4.  Like the first game it will make a huge emphasis on multiplayer but will also have a single mode (single mode was made because of criticism of the first game which was always only online under the protection of DRM).  He also has a multi-user cooperative mode which allows players to participate in various rally raids together.  Also in this mode you can play alone with artificial intelligence 5.
The Crew 2 is currently being developed by Ivory Tower a subsidiary of Ubisoft publisher 6.  The second part is a kind of huge improvement in the previous part of the reviews and criticism of the players.  One of the main criticism was that the players lacked the freedom to explore the world and carry out missions.  To solve this problem Ubisoft rebuilt the game progression system and decided not to pay much attention to the narrative about the game which will require players to perform missions in a very specific order and instead divide the game into several world-regions each of which represents a unique style of driving  .  Players can stay in these regions to play missions that interest them and do not have to force themselves to visit other regions to play missions that do not interest them.  Downloadable content Wild Run which was positively evaluated by the players and also offered in the studio to focus on the development of content regarding off-road racing 5.

Since there are a lot of new vehicles in the game Ivory Tower needed to improve the graphics of the game.  According to the producer of the game Stefan Jankowski these new types of vehicles allow players to explore the open world with new perspectives.  For example flying an airplane means that players can see objects that are very far away.  As a result the game engine had to be modified in order to significantly improve the rendering range of the game.  The engine was also updated to include other improvements such as atmospheric clouds and realistic vegetation 5.  Management in the game has been modified to make it accessible to those who are “difficult to master” 4.

The game was announced in May 2017 7.  It was officially announced and shown on E3 2017 accompanied by a cinematic trailer and a demonstration of the gameplay.  The game will be released for Microsoft Windows PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in March 2018.  The beta version will be released before the official launch of the game 8.




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