Street Fighter V Arcade Edition

Review: Free Download Street Fighter V Arcade Edition Full Version PC Video Action Fighting Game Direct Link. Street Fighter V Free Download Direct Link 100% Working Game it is a fighting video game of the Street Fighter series developed and published by Capcom released on February 16 2016 on PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows.

Street Fighter V Arcade Edition Game Overview:

From previous games
Like the previous installments of the series the two players face each other by controlling the character of their choice and must knock their opponent by decreasing his life bar to 0 thanks to all the shots that their character can perform  or keeping his life bar higher than his opponent’s at the end of the allotted time.

More From Street Fighter V Arcade Edition Game:

The player has a super combo gauge to perform a Critical Art by consuming it in full or a more powerful version of one of his special moves by consuming a third of it called “EX” shot (this gauge is  separated in three).

The focus attacks and the ultra combo of the previous opus no longer exist.

In Street Fighter V each character has a specialty called V-Skill that the player can perform at will.
The player has a second gauge called the V Gauge which fills when it is damaged.  This gauge is more or less long depending on the character and allows two other actions
The V-Trigger which consumes the entire gauge allows the character to perform more powerful attacks gain a temporary advantage during the match try to handicap (for example with poison or by burning the ground)  or to surprise his opponent (for example by teleporting or by the arrival of a support character);
The V-Reversal which consumes part of the gauge allows the character to free himself from the attacks of his opponents while he protects himself.
Strong attacks (big fist and big foot) if they hit the opponent while it was attacking causes a Crush Counter state.  It allows the player who places it to inflict more damage or place a combo impossible in normal times.
Street Fighter V Arcade Edition Game

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