Starbound Game

Review: Free Download Starbound PC Game Full Version Direct Link. Starbound Free Download Full Version is a computer game developed by the independent British game studio Chucklefish.  The game is a two-dimensional adventure sandbox.  The player is invited to explore an extensive procedurally generated world with many planets;  Starbound offers including looking for or creating weapons and other items extracting resources building buildings on the surface of planets and the like.  Starbound entered the open beta stage on December 4 2013 for Microsoft Windows OS X and Linux platforms. 8 After the update on December 9 2013 (Beta Patch 2) all the savings were completely reset but at the same time it was quite strong  the world is rebalanced.

Starbound Game Synopsis:

Starbound begins on Earth the player goes to the award ceremony of Protectors – an alliance of six races that protects the Earth and other planets from pirates and all sorts of threats.  During the ceremony a catastrophe occurs huge tentacles destroy the planet the player picks up the manipulator of matter and escapes on the spacecraft.  Eventually the ship approaches the inhabited planet.  And so adventures begin which will carry away the player in travel on the Universe.  Starbound contains both quests and storylines which are acquired on the basis of survivors after the destruction of their native planet. 10  The spaceship acts as a vehicle for the player to explore the galaxy.  Teleport allows the player to descend to the planets in orbit of which the ship is standing as well as to other teleports and players.

Starbound Game Gameplay:

The planets that the player explores are procedurally generated.  Each planet has features and different themes.  As the grain for the generation of the planet their coordinates are used.  If these coordinates are communicated to another player he will be able to visit the planet of another player.  Each planet is unique in addition to a different type of surface there are also randomly generated trees weather day / night cycle gravity force appearance and abilities of enemies materials materials trees and buildings. 12  Like everything else weapons that can be found in different containers are also accidentally generated.  In total the game can have ≈ 1 million different swords and firearms.

Starbound Game Mechanics:

A lot of game elements such as items (weapons armor clothes) opponents 13 and planets are created using procedural generation technology which allows obtaining a huge variety of content.  The game contains story-based missions quests enemies an open world for exploration as well as the ability to interact with the environment and terraform it.  The class of the character is determined by the objects that he wears.  The game also features a variety of space weapons based on what everyone could see many times in movies or games.
Starbound Game

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