Sonic Forces Game

Review: Sonic Forces Game Free Download Full Version PC Game Direct link. Free Download Sonic Forces Full Version 100% Working Game Setup iso File For All Windows OS it is a video game of the Sonic the Hedgehog series in the genre platformer and action-adventure developed by the Sonic Team and published by Sega on November 7 2017 for the PlayStation 4 consoles  Xbox One Nintendo Switch and for personal computers running Windows.  The publisher of the game in Russia was SoftKlab;  Sonic Forces is the first game of the main series officially translated into Russian.

Sonic Forces Game process:

Sonic Forces is a platformer executed in three-dimensional graphics.  Three characters are available to the player Modern Sonic as it was first introduced in Sonic Adventure the Classic Sonic whose design was used mainly in games for the Mega Drive / Genesis console and a character created by the player that not only appears in the videos but is a key character  player.  According to the story the main villain of the series Dr. Eggman has already won 99% of the world and Sonic with the help of his friends the Classic Sonic and the character created by the player confronts him 3 4.  Other characters such as the Tails fox echidna Knuckles Amy Rose the real hedgehog Shadow the hedgehog the bat Rouge the crocodile Vector the chameleon Espio the bee Charmi and others appear in the game support and give advice to the main characters.  The villains in this game are Doctor Eggman the new enemy is the Infinite 3 and the illusions that he creates (Chaos Metal Sonic hedgehog Shadow).

Each of the characters has its own style of gameplay.  The gameplay for Classical Sonic includes levels in a two-dimensional perspective like the old games of the series while the levels for Modern Sonic represent smooth transitions from two-dimensional gameplay to three-dimensional and resemble the games of Sonic Unleashed Sonic Colors and Sonic Generations.  The game process created by the player of the character coincides with the gameplay of Modern Sonic but for him special gadgets called wisps including flamethrower hammer and other devices are provided.

Development and withdrawal of the Sonic Forces Game:

Sonic Forces was developed by Sonic Team the same team that was responsible for Sonic Unleashed Sonic Colors and Sonic Generations with producers Takashi Iizuka and Xun Nakamura in the lead 5 6.  Development began in 2013 some time after the release of Sonic Lost World.  The development is directed by the designer Morio Kishimoto 7 and Tomoy Otani was appointed the composer of the game.
Tile: Sonic Forces
Genre: Action ,Adventure.
Developer: Sonic Team”,”Hardlight
Publisher: SEGA
Release Date: 7 Nov, 2017
Sonic Forces Game

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