Slime Rancher Latest Game (v1.1.2)

Review: Free Download Slime Rancher Game (v1.1.2) Latest Full Version Direct Link 100% Work. Slime Rancher Free Download Full Version PC Game in a single direct link for All Windows OS XP/7/8/9/10 32+64 bit. it is a first-person computer simulation game on the Unity engine in the open world with elements of an adventure action movie developed and released by the American company Monomi Park.  In January 2016 the game was available for purchase in the early Steam access.  The full version was released on August 1 2017 on Windows macOS Linux and Xbox One.

Slime Rancher Game (v1.1.2) Latest Game play:

The player controls a character named Beatrix LeBo – a brave young creamer.  The girl decides to spend the rest of her life on “Infinite Outland” – a planet located thousands of light years from Earth.  The player will build a ranch study the environment of the planet collect feed and breed slimes – gelatinous living organisms of various species and characteristics 2 3 4 5.  The main economic aspect of the game is associated with the feeding of slimes with the appropriate food products so that they produce “flots” – concentrated slices of mucus possessing different properties which can then be sold in the marketplace in exchange for newbucks – the currency needed to purchase improvements to ranch equipment or  farm buildings.  Feeding the slime to their favorite food you can get 2 plarts at a time.  Traveling around the world of the game and exploring different locations updating the map the player can collect new slimes food for them and other resources sucking them with his vacuum tool the so-called “VakPak” (something like a big and powerful vacuum cleaner with 4  compartment and later a compartment for fresh water).  To keep slimes on their site the player must buy and upgrade pens for collected slimes.  Different kinds of slimes can be combined and developed by feeding to the right slime an alien plane.

Slime Rancher Latest Game (v1.1.2) The types of slimes in the game are five

Normal slimes – they differ in appearance type of food and features.  All the usual slimes can be crossed with each other making of them Largo which will be the most profitable player.  The only regular slimes that can not be crossed with others are Luza Slimes Fire Slimes Rarer Blissful Slimes and Golden Slimes.  The latter two can not be caught and they quickly disappear.  All normal slimes are friendly to the player but some of them are dangerous for the player because of their characteristics such as spikes explosions radiation.
Largo slimes are big slime hybrids from which there is a noticeable greater benefit since they produce 2 plots of original slimes at a time and 4 if they feed their favorite food 6 7 8.  In relation to the player behave as well as they represent the same danger as the original slimes.  Traveling to different regions of “Infinite Outland” you can meet the so-called Wild Largo – hungry and aggressive in relation to the player slime hybrids.  If they are fed they will again become 
Gordo-slimes are giant immobile slimes consisting of many ordinary slimes.  Absolutely harmless.  Some of them sit on the teleport point from the location.  Inside them as a rule there are valuable resources and keys for which you need to blow up Gordo feeding him to the point with the necessary food.  Also proudly can be lured with the help of established traps.
Warriors are the only evil slimes in the game.  It is obtained if Largo-slime eats another alien land.  These big black slimes are always aggressive towards the player.  Eat other slimes due to which multiply the favorite food is slime plants.  The player can pump fresh water from ponds and springs to confront Varra.

In the course of the game new opportunities are opening up such as acquiring new sites updating the appearance of the character and farm by investing in the 7Zee Rewards Club creating various devices in the laboratory (slaminauka) opening treasuries buying toys for slimes etc.

Slime Rancher Latest Game (v1.1.2)

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