Sid Meier�s Civilization VI Game

Sid Meier�s Civilization VI Game or VI of Civilization computer game series in the genre of turn-based global strategy developed by Firaxis Games.  The release took place on 21 October 2016.
Civilization VI is a turn-based strategy in which one or more players to compete with AI opponents in the construction and development of its own civilization starting from a small tribe gradually expanding its empire in order to achieve domination over the entire planet.  This goal can be achieved in various ways depending on the winning conditions.  Players founded the city expanding them in various ways to improve and create military units to scout and attack the enemy forces constantly keeping an eye on the development of its civilization technology and diplomatic relations with the other.

Sid Meier�s Civilization VI Game Overview:

The hexagonal layout map of the Civilization V is preserved and passed into the Civilization VI but the innovation lies in the fact that some of the city improvements are now located directly on the cells inside the city boundaries.  The player removes certain cells (subject to certain restrictions) under various urban “areas” that provide significant advantages for buildings placed in them.
The development of the game involved the same Firaxis who previously worked on additions to Civilization V and it is expected that all the gameplay innovations of them will be available in Civilization VI from the outset.  The game is developed on a new engine which is expected to be more friendly to modifications 6.  The visual component of the game and design a variety of interface elements was inspired by the era of great geographical discoveries 7 – in many panels there are compasses and astrolabes.  The areas covered by the fog of war will display shading reminiscent of maps of that time.

More From Sid Meier�s Civilization VI Game:

Models of individual units and buildings designed in such a way as to have a high level of detail at the maximum scale and well-read at a minimum especially when placed next to other units with similar design.  The appearance of the same units will vary according to the civilization to which he belongs – foot units for example will have a different design of helmets.
Sid Meier�s Civilization VI Game

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