Sanitarium Game

Review: Sanitarium Game a graphic adventure published in 1998 by ASC Games.  Graphic adventure game with two-dimensional backgrounds perspective view and sprite models.  The game is a psychological thriller the game’s protagonist Max after surviving a car accident loses his memory and gets to hospital for the mentally ill.  His task – to remember who he is and find out why he was placed in a medical institution.  The game is divided into 13 chapters locations different in style and atmosphere;  Many of the locations exist only in the imagination of Max and built of his lost memories.  In the course of the story gradually Max remembers that he was engaged in devising a cure for a mysterious deadly disease that kills children.

Characters in Sanitarium Game:

Only in the game about a hundred characters but only five can be called major

Max Lawton – scientist and physician.  Protagonist of the game who gets into a car accident.  All the action game takes place in his mind.
Sarah – the sister of Max died when she was still very young.  Her goal is to find a toy clown.  In the game it is a protagonist in 4 5 and 6 chapters and also partly in the 12th chapter.
Cyclops Grimuoll – born Max consciousness of his children’s comics.  He is trying to thwart a conspiracy against beetles and Gromny Cyclops race.  Controlled character in chapter 8 and 12 again partly in section.
sacred Olmec warrior – born Max awareness of children’s toys.  Olmec Gods instructed to stop the god Quetzalcoatl who wants to get a grip on the world.  The player controls them in chapters 10 and 11 and part of 12.
Dr. Morgan – a colleague of Max and the main villain in the game rigged a car accident which hit Max.  Later he is trying to kill him.  In the world of Cyclops appears as a traitor Gromna scientist in the world as the Aztec god Quetzalcoatl.

Sanitarium Game

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