Samorost 2 Game

Review: Samorost 2 Game is a computer game in the genre of the quest / puzzle game created by Jakub Dvorsky during his training at the Higher School of Applied Arts in Prague. Music for the game was written by Tomas Dvorak 1 – a young Czech musician composer artist and graphic designer.

Gameplay Samorost 2 Game:

The player interacts with the game world simple clicks of the mouse controlling your character in your pajamas (Dvorsky called him a fairly straightforward “Dwarf”).  The essence of the game is to prevent a collision with the home planet Dwarf planet-asteroid.

More From Samorost 2 Game:

After a while Dvorsky and his web design studio �Amanita Design� (Brno Czech Republic) created a sequel �Samorost II� where the Gnome waiting longer adventure whose purpose – to save his dog abducted residents of another planet and  successfully return home.  The first part of the game on the official website provided free of charge and the continuation can be purchased there for $ 4.99.  Also the game is available in the game the Steam network.

Samorost II received a prize at the 2007 IGF as the best browser-based game third place in the category “most innovative Flash-game for 2003” on Webby Award nominee for 2003 and Top Talent Award 2003.

In October 2013 was officially announced the release of Samorost 3 2.  Developers also announced the third part of the game to participate in the IGF 2014. Samorost 3 was released March 24 2016.

 Samorost 2 Game

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