Sam & Max Save The World Game

Review: Sam & Max Save The World Game a series of games in the genre of adventure from the company Telltale Games based on the comic book character Sam & Max artist Steve Purcell.  Each episode of the series has its own story and the events associated with the other episodes. May 23 2008 the company announced its intention to port the series on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Sam & Max Save The World Game Common plot

The common theme of the season is hypnosis.  In the episode “Culture shock” Culture Brady (Brady Culture) hypnotizes Three Pops (Soda Poppers).  In the episode “Situation Comedy” Myra (known TV presenter) mesmerized the villains of the third episode – Toy Mafia.  And in the fourth episode it is that the Toy Mafia really was just a pawn in the hands of someone who managed to infiltrate the US government.  This “person” in the fifth episode she is the Internet which also manages the real villain – Gift Hugh (Hugh Bliss) who attempted to hypnotize the entire world to all have become fans of the cult Prizmatologii.  Sam is a parody of the cult of Scientology Prizmatologii basis of the theory is the “science” Emetika (a parody of Dianetics).  In the sixth and last episode of Sam & Max finally upset the plans of the Hugh Durham who turns out to be a colony of alien bacteria that feed endorphins happy people.

Sam & Max Save The World Game Characters main characters

Sam – an anthropomorphic dog the leader of the couple and her “voice of reason”.  Always dressed in his trademark gray-blue suit and a felt hat (modified after the first episode for the protection of hypnosis).  He does not go anywhere without his favorite gun.
Max – “giperkinetichnaya krolikopodobnaya contraption” (calls himself being lagomorphs).  Hyperactive and hard towards others only cares about himself and Sam.  Not susceptible to hypnosis.  He does not wear clothes but it is always with a huge gun Luger ( “Do not ask me where!”).  It has three vices cruelty gluttony and laziness.  In the fourth episode he becomes President of the USA and it remains until the last episode of the 3rd season.

Sam & Max Save The World Game

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