Oxygen Not Included Game (Latest Version)

Review: Oxygen Not Included Game (Latest Version v247630) Free Download Full Version PC Game Direct Link. Oxygen Not Included Free Download For All Windows OS XP/7/8/9/10 32+64 bit 100% Working game in iso and .exe setup file. it is a computer game in the genre of survival simulator the action in which occurs in a space colony.  The game is developed by the Canadian studio Klei Entertainment and is available in early access for Windows macOS and Linux.

Oxygen Not Included Game (Latest Version) Game process:

Oxygen Not Included is a survival simulator in a space colony where the player must control its colony settlers (called duplicates in the game) helping them dig build and maintain the base in the asteroid.  To do this you need to get water heat food and oxygen to maintain vitality and also make the colonists happy.  The game involves procedural generation and crafting system.  Each of the duplicates has its own characteristics on which its abilities for this or that activity depend.

The game refers to hardcore simulators.  The game process is to find solutions to emerging problems and the solution of each of them leads to the emergence of new challenges that need to be overcome.  So the player must build the colonists’ shelter and machines in order to provide them with rest and food.  At the same time food intake leads to waste that is toxic and leads to illness.  In addition any activity of settlers leads to the fact that they inhale oxygen and exhale CO2 a high concentration of which can lead to the suffocation of duplicates.

Oxygen Not Included Game (Latest Version) Overview:

Settlers have a set of characteristics that determine their abilities.  On the one hand each colonist has a set of parameters such as digging creativity learning and others.  The parameter is expressed as an integer and determines the effectiveness of an action (correspondingly the three mentioned this is the time spent digging tunnels the ability to quickly draw a good picture the speed of the research).  On the other hand there are characteristics expressed as positive and negative sides.  For example a character can be a lark and his characteristics in this case are improved in the morning (positive quality) and he can be narcoleptic and because of this at any moment he can fall asleep anywhere (negative).  In addition there are other characteristics.  The values ​​of the main parameters can improve over time for example if the character has been doing a lot of work for a long time and has received the skills.

During their stay at the station the colonists are additionally characterized by a number of changing properties such as stress level fatigue filling the bladder etc. Stress is increased due to various factors (interrupted sleep fever …).  Too high levels of stress can lead to the character starting to rage and break down equipment or it can lead to vomiting.  Stress can be removed such as good food massage etc. Fatigue reduces the physical capabilities of the colonist after filling the bladder the cosmonaut rushes to the toilet and so on.

Initially the player has three colonists.  But over time other prints can be printed on the bioprinter and thus the number of inhabitants can increase.  At the same time astronauts may die 6.  It is impossible to control the colonists directly.  The player can only give assignments for the performance of certain works and their settlers do according to their needs priorities station stocks and other factors.  But at the same time the player has a number of tools at his disposal.  So he can prohibit certain colonists from performing certain works.  For example only those residents who are good at construction entrust the erection of new structures.  Also the player can turn off certain systems assign priorities to the work performed etc. 

Oxygen Not Included Game (Latest Version)

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