Lost In The City Game

Review: Lost In The City Game is An adventure for the basic set of rules (Basic Set) role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons designed to pass characters levels 1-3.  It belongs to a series of modules with the code B (B4).

Lost In The City Game Overview:

Like the first three modules of the series The Lost City was conceived as a teaching introductory adventure for beginners and top players about what there was a special designation on the cover.  However unlike its predecessors the module does not contain voluminous tips on keeping the game and did not offer the leading independently customize the dungeon.  Instead a different approach was adopted in the text of the module have been described only the upper floors of the test dungeon (5-stepped pyramid);  it was assumed that after the passage of the game will continue already on deeper levels invented by the master.  This latest adventure in teaching B-series to flesh its renewal in 1989.

More From Lost In The City Game:

Just as described in the text of the pyramid contains more than 100 locations so The Lost City is sometimes considered the first adventure to acquaint the general public with the concept megapodzemelya.

Lost In The City Game

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