Injustice 2 Ultimate Game

Review: Free Download Injustice 2 Ultimate PC Game Full Version Direct Link. Injustice 2 Free Download Full Unlocked Cracked Ultimate Game For All Windows OS XP/7/8/9/10 32+64 bit in a single iso direct link file. it is a video game FULL UNLOCKED in the fighting game genre based on the fictional DC Comics universe.  The game was developed by the studio NetherRealm Studios and was published by Warner Bros.  Interactive Entertainment for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.  It became available on the above platforms on May 16 2017. 1 2  The version for Windows will be released on November 14 2017.  Also an open beta test of the game on Steam was announced.

Injustice 2 Ultimate Game Plot:

The introduction of the game takes place on Krypton in his last days the planet was attacked by Breyniak an alien collector from the planet Kola.  Digitizing the largest cities of Krypton – Kandor and Argo City – together with their inhabitants Breyniak leaves Krypton eventually blowing up beta bombs that split the crust of the planet.  Kara Zor-El who witnessed Brainiak’s actions rushes home where her mother meets her.  She tells her daughter that Krypton is about to explode but for Kara herself and her one-year-old cousin Kal-El there is still a chance to escape – his parents discovered a planet fit for life in a distant star system.  Kara escapes from Krypton on the shuttle becoming an unwitting witness to the death of the mother at the hands of the cyborgs Breinik.  When her and Kal-El space shuttles find themselves in space Krypton explodes causing Kara’s shuttle to deviate from the course and she kneads with her cousin.

The prologue is dedicated to events shortly before the main Gods Among Us scenario.  Batman and Robin rush to the hospital Arkham where Superman along with supporters of the future regime has already begun to execute “incorrigible criminals.”  At the request of Batman to think about Superman did not even question the correctness of his actions and between the characters a fight is fastened.  The fight is interrupted by Damien who in the eyes of Batman kills Viktor Zas than demonstrates his solidarity with Superman.  Taking advantage of the shock of Batman after the betrayal of his son Superman takes Damian with him …

Five years after the defeat of Superman Batman and his allies are trying to maintain order on the planet by launching the “Brother’s Eye” system of mass supervision.  However while the fugitive supporters of the regime are hiding in the underground the Community – a group of villains headed by Gorilla Grodod regardless of Resistance and Regime claims about its existence.  On the advice of Lucius Fox Batman begins to collect his own team of trusted heroes to fight the Community which is preparing for an unknown terrorist act.  Together with his right hand – Harley Quinn – Batman sends the Green Arrow (Oliver Quinn’s double from the 3rd dimension) and the Black Canary in Gorilla City to capture Grodda.  However the operation is disrupted by Dr. Faith who is trying to warn the characters about the impending threat to the planet.  After the victory over Groddom the Canaryka and Strel are abducted by Brainiak who turned out to be the true leader of the Community.  Brainiac claims to have learned about the Earth as a “planet with the last Kryptonian” after the combined forces of the Regime and the Cinestro broke the Green Lantern Corps (comic book events).  Earlier having obtained Kandor as a model of Krypton he became interested in adding Earth to his collection.

Injustice 2 Ultimate Game Endings:

The final chapter has two finals – depending on the side that the player chooses. Victory of Resistance Batman defeats Superman and depriving him of his strength with the help of golden kryptonite drives him to the Phantom Zone.  Deciding to use Lucius’s advice he decides to reorganize the Justice League – and first of all offers Kare membership in it. Mode victory Superman defeats Batman.  After killing Brainiak he connects to the vessel and regains the Mode.  The prisoner of Supergirl Kal El offers a choice to join the regime voluntarily or following the example of Batman through forced brainwashing.
Injustice 2 Ultimate Game

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