IGI 2 Covert Strike PC Game

Review: IGI 2 Covert Strike is a computer game in the genre of FPS developed by �Innerloop Studios� PC platform and published by �Codemasters�.  In Russia published by 1C.  The game has been banned in China because it “deliberately denigrates the image of China and the Chinese army”.

IGI 2 Covert Strike PC Game Overview:

In the fight with the enemy from David Jones a former paratrooper special SAS unit has 3 powerful ally weapons tactics and camouflage.  With their help superspy to thwart the plans of the largest terrorist organization and prevent the onset of World War III.

More From IGI 2 Covert Strike PC Game:

The main goal of the agent Jones – finding stolen electromagnetic pulse technology – will accompany you throughout the game.  The technology was invented by the Americans.  When it is formed using a powerful electromagnetic pulse high-sensitivity electronics hitting the opponent.

GamePlay IGI 2 Covert Strike PC Game:

The first part of the campaign will take place in Eastern Europe (former Soviet Union).  information was obtained from operational sources that the Russian mafia was able to steal chips from the EMR technology.  Moreover they have continued to study the technological development in the laboratory in the Carpathians (in the guise of the weather station) and set up the production of innovative sample electromagnetic weapons factory “Elekteh”.  From there the first stretch yarn for which the anti-terrorist center will undertake and IGI.  Successfully completing all the tasks (theft microchips and sabotage to stop production) Jones finds himself in a sticky situation – in the ranks of the organization was a traitor and now he faces death.  They arrogate to themselves been stolen samples smash IGI analytical center and throw the main character with a helicopter on the Ukrainian-Romanian border leaving only with a knife and a broken cartographer.  The latter will have to cross the territory of Romania where it will wait for an evacuation helicopter UH-60.

IgI 2 Covert Strike Pc Game

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