Homefront The Revolution Game

Review: Homefront The Revolution Free Download Full Version PC Game Direct Link 100% Work. Free Download Homefront The Revolution Full Version in a single direct link setup file iso complete setup file for All Platform Windows OS XP/7/8/9/10 32+64 bit. it is a first-person shooter in the open world of Dambuster Studios on the 4th generation CryEngine engine.  The release took place on May 20 2016 on the platforms of PC Xbox One PS4 Linux.

Homefront The Revolution Game Prehistory:

1972 year.  In the North Korea flint rivers appeared and the APEX corporation was founded which managed to derive great benefits from them and became rich.  Korea’s technology began to surpass the technology of the United States. 2004 year.  The US began to buy all the equipment from the DPRK.  Korea began to produce modern weapons the United States began to buy it and fully armed them with its army. 2016 year.  The United States waged wars in the Middle East and even then their economy began to dwindle. 2025 year.  The US dollar collapsed and the debt to Korea rose to the sky unemployment and hunger began in the country the government declared a default.

Korea invaded the United States.  All the weapons that were purchased from Korea had a built-in hidden vulnerability through which at the right time “pressing the button” disconnected all the weapons that were in the US Army.  Korea easily captured a helpless country that could not defend itself and occupied it.

Homefront The Revolution Game Main Game:

The game takes place in the city of Philadelphia in 2029.  The main character is a member of the American Resistance Ethan Brady.  The resistance forces are trying to liberate the city from the KPA.
The Voice of Freedom (DLC) Events additions are a prequel to the main game and evolve shortly before the start of the storyline.

Events are described on behalf of Benjamin Walker.  He along with a small group of rebels gets to the neighborhood of Philadelphia on the stolen armored car KNA. During the parking they are attacked by anarchists and their gangs “9-0”.  The group manages to get away from them but the armored car was destroyed two members of the group – Abby Baker and Billy Randell – die and the shootings attracted the attention of KNA patrols. The detachment secretly makes its way through the streets and enters the collector from where it emerges into the tunnels  subway where the same gang settled.  Because of the dense KNA cordon the only way to the city goes along the metro line but the branch leaving to the city is blocked by a non-working automatic door.  While the couple are fixing the cable Ben and Vance are looking for a generator for the door.  In the end they find it but are forced to shoot back from the bandits.  The situation is complicated by the fact that K.N.A.  in the area above this branch of the subway demolished non-residential buildings because of which the tunnels begin to collapse.  Walker manages to start the generator and escape from the obstruction.

Opening the door the detachment moves on and soon emerges to the surface however in the middle of the Korean checkpoint.  A skirmish is being fought and the Koreans are calling for reinforcements.  To escape Jill tells Walker to drop them and go down to the chute.  Walker hardly agrees and leaves.

The last frames of the supplement represent an interactive scene through the eyes of Walker where he still comes out to the address of Harvey but is late – KNA.  came out on top of it.  Walker consistently kills all patrolmen and then rushes into the room where the interrogation is conducted (from the opening scene of the game) and kills an American collaborator.  Walker face to face with the only survivor Harvey who is Brady and tells him that it’s time for them to get out of here.

Homefront The Revolution Game

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