Half Life Opposing Force Game

Review: Half Life Opposing Force Game first-person shooter; An addition to the game Half-Life developed by Gearbox Software and released by Sierra Entertainment on October 31 1999 4.  This addition represents the same setting (world and events) to the player as the original with the only difference being that the player takes control of Corporal Adrian Shepard a soldier of the HECU special forces unit.

Half Life Opposing Force Game Overview:

In Opposing Force as in the original Half-Life there is a network game.  In May 2000 Valve and Gearbox released a special add-on for the online multiplayer game – Opposing Force Capture the Flag which adds “Capture the Flag” mode and new maps 5.  Later this addition like OpFor itself was placed on one disk with Half-Life Blue Shift and in the subsequent Steam-version this mode is already built into the game.

More From Half Life Opposing Force Game:

In 2005 Opposing Force was released on Steam as part of Half-Life 1 Anthology 6.  On the territory of Russia and the CIS this set is distributed by the company “Buka”.
Third-party developers moved the Opposing Force to the Source engine but it has not been completed yet.  The project is called Operation Black Mesa.  Also (as a mod for Half-Life 2) was the continuation of Opposing Force – Opposing Force 2 7 but the development was stopped for an indefinite period.  However another author released the continuation of the Opposing Force in the form of a separate (commercial game) – Prospekt 8.

Half Life Opposing Force Game

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