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Review: Gold Rush Game Free Download PC Game Full Version Direct Link. Free Download Gold Rush Game No matter how much they laughed at the various simulators of the tractor driver or the loader it is worth acknowledging that this genre proved to be quite worthy and found its audience.  Routine seems to work from which on the contrary I want to relax but these games suddenly proved to be quite popular.  However in the case of simulators of a farmer or an auto mechanic there are not enough exotics even a city dweller roughly represents how a piece of meat with a slice of bread gets to it on the table and everyone uses it in one way or another and in general terms understands what’s hobbling under the hood.  But there are projects that highlight and noticeably narrower areas.  One of these is Gold Rush The Game which is a simulator of a gold miner.

Gold Rush Game Overview:

Gold Rush immediately tries to declare itself as a real simulator.  It begins with the moment when the player sits down in his car to enter the city.  The ignition is started by a separate button when parking it is necessary to put the car on the parking brake otherwise the pick-up truck can roll under the hill.  Do not forget to turn off the engine and headlights the fuel has a property to end and the battery – to be discharged.  There is even a differential lock but the speed for some reason switches on their own.

The first visit to the equipment store is also surprising after choosing the goods and paying at the checkout you start to look for inventory where as is customary there should be purchases but there is no inventory as we remember.  All purchased neatly stacked at the entrance to the store on a special site and each item must be taken into “hands” and dragged into the back of the pickup truck.  Again no menu and windows of the inventory of the machine is provided for – things literally have to be thrown into the body as necessary sometimes picking up those fallen overboard.

Gold Rush Game Description:

It seems to be a trifle but this attitude towards such an apparently elementary task is very captivating.  If you type in the store a lot of large-sized purchases then the process of loading turns into a kind of “Tetris” from the first person.  It’s good that you can also buy a trailer thanks to which you do not have to hesitate to make a second flight or to try to somehow push all the goods into the body at once?

Such a “do it yourself” principle in the “Gold Rush” is the cornerstone of the whole game.  Equipment and tools must be loaded and taken to the place of extraction there to be located in a convenient place for work to collect connect the wires and hoses – all this manually I will remind.  Gold itself does not fall into your pocket you have to excavate the rock with a shovel or excavator then clean this ore and rinse the remaining product with a tray or rinsing table.

Game Gold Rush The Game
Platform PC
Genre simulator
Release date October 13 2017
Developer Code Horizon
Publisher Code Horizon
Gold Rush Game

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