Gobliiins 1 2 3 Game

Review: Gobliiins 1 2 3 Game this is a compilation of three games Gobliiins Gobliins 2 and Goblins 3. These classic adventure game �point’n’click� genre that went on a PC from 1991 to 1993 are now available on Android in the new version specially  optimized for mobile phones and tablets.
In the first game you are waiting for adventure Uppsala Asgard and Ignacia (in another version known as Duane Huter and Bobo) who are looking for a cure for King Angulafra.  Each of the characters has their own abilities and you need to use them wisely to pass all levels.
In the second game two of the goblins to find and free the prince.  In order to achieve the goal you will once again switch between the two diametrically opposed characters.  And finally the last and most funny game you play as a goblin a journalist who has to make a report about the quarrel of the King and Queen.  However downing changes his life he falls in love with Princess Winona is at the center of the conflict and then it bites a werewolf …

Features of Gobliiins 1 2 3 Game:

� New interface specially reworked for phones and tablets
� Two control modes classic and touch control
� New gameplay adapted for touch screens
� The choice between the original graphics and video filtering (for more spectacular and smooth images)
� �hot spots� System backlighting areas of interaction when necessary
� The system prompts tips on passing on the request of the player
� Original soundtrack
Fun and exciting adventures original puzzles interesting game with colorful graphics – in the trilogy �Gobliiins� you will find a lot of hours of fun!

Gobliiins 1 2 3 Game

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